Do you have a Google profile?

Visibility for a business today is king. Visibility can cost a lot of money if you go the traditional way, but there are simple things you can do to have visibility in the marketplace without spending a dime.

For example; have a Google profile.

Similar to a Facebook or Linkedin profile, Google profiles have some unique user benefits that can improve your company’s visibility to an untapped market. They allow businesses to present their products and services to other Google users.

Profiles show up in any Google search, and anyone can view your business profile. Google profiles also offer an “about me” tab on a separate page, which allows you to write a company bio, point out the strenght of your business, or discuss the benefits of your company to your target audience.

You are also allowed to add links and map locations. Yes you can link to external sites which will provide more information about your business. You can also link to content on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and Linkedin and put your business location on a Google map.

Google profiles is just one way that Google and social media can help the growth of your business.
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Did you know?

This can be huge for your business!
Now, you can add a link to your website on your videos on YouTube. They can click at any time without interrrupting the video. This will allow you to bring visitors right from YouTube to your site.
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