Dogs and Social Media Marketing

I have a dog called Apple. She is a white schnauzer. My dog Apple taught us, my daughter and me, a lot about marketing. For example, she is an ADD dog. Can’t keep her attention too long on anything. Funny, but is is just like prospects visiting a website. You try to explain too much, write too much copy and click….they go to the next one, just like Apple goes to pick the next toy. We learned very fast that if we want to keep her entertained and around us, we need something sticky…like peanut butter inside one of her bones. With the website, the sticky factor became video and audio, some amazing social media tools.
Businesses need to use social media marketing in their marketing. It is not an option anymore. We leave in a society that has a very short attention span and gets bored really fast. Businesses need to develop strategies that make people stick around.

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