Fall is here

We had a very hot summer around here. I guess I told you before. I’m kind of traumatized. It was really hot and dry.

Last weekend the cold came and so came the fall colors.

This weekend the roads to the canyons were full of people going to enjoy the nice scenery.

We live very close to the mountains and going to see the fall colors is a common thing this time of the year.

People just stop the car and appreciate the nice view.

You have the greens mixed with yellows and reds. It is so pretty and it is never the same.

Some people like the reds, others the yellows,but all like the mix between them.

This mix of colors is what makes fall so pretty.

It draws a lot of attention and is compelling enough to make people leave their homes just to appreciate the view.

It is not just the green or the red or the yellow. It is the mix of the colors and the beautiful picture they put together.

Because the internet is so popular today, a lot of people think that advertising online will do the trick and bring all the business they want.

Well, it will bring you business, but your marketing mix should have a little bit of everything- like the fall colors- so you could get the perfect picture for your business.

Some internet marketing mixed with direct marketing, mixed with a good follow-up system, mixed with some networking.

Separate they also have their beauty, but when you put different marketing tools to work together is when people really stop what they are doing to pay attention to you and only you.

Like the folks that leave their homes on a Saturday just to contemplate the beautiful fall colors.

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