Followers, this is your leader!

I like to be a leader. It is just part of my personality. Since I was very young I always enjoy having other puppies follow me. Because this is a natural trace of my personality, one would think that other dogs would notice it and just follow. I wish! It takes a lot of work to show them how to follow you.
Here are my strategies and I hope they will help you get more followers. After all, that is all you hear today, isn’t it? “How many followers do you have?”, “Do you tweet?”, “I just tweeted to my followers.”
It sounds like we all live in this giant bird cage. I, for one, refuse to tweet, I bark. So do my followers. Well, I digress, back to my strategies.
This is how I do it and I usually use this approach when I’m in the park.
One of the things that really make my day is to run wild around the park and have a lot of dogs after me, so I choose one that I think is very strong and would run well and I approach it. First, as a well educated pooch, I first smell its butt and let the other dog do the same. Then I face the dog, put my head down, my paws to the front and my cute butt up with my tail wagging a lot.
I then, make a quick move like if I was going to run, but I don’t. That is the cue. I may repeat this move a couple more times if the dog I chose is not the smartest lamp in the tanning bed, if you know what I mean.
Then, I run and don’t look back. Most of the time, the dog comes after me and the other dogs in the park join.
We run a lot for quite a while. I’m very good in quick curves, so they never catch me and we keep running.
Sometimes this strategy goes viral and every dog around joins the race. When this happens, I’m happy for the whole week. For me, this is what engagement really means. We all get involved in one activity, we all have fun. What could be better? At some point, it doesn’t really matter if I’m the leader or not, we are all interacting and having fun.
Some other days, no matter how much I try, no one seems to pay attention to me. I have to run alone, which is not very fun at all, but that is the way it is. You don’t get a home run every time.

By Apple Boyayan

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