Getting more views for your online videos

Never get tired of saying how online videos can boost your business. So easy to watch, nothing to download, just click play and consumer the content.

Online videos connect customer, prospects and companies on an emotional level.

Online videos are about storytelling. Storytelling is a key component in marketing today.

In order to get more views to your videos it is important to understand you need to be authentic, real, transparent.

Don’t try to make perfect, produced videos. Better to be real.

Spread the word: It is not enough to add your video to your site or just upload to YouTube. You need to share. Use all channels you have in order to do that. Facebook, Twitter, your blog, newsletter, postcards etc.
But pay attention: Send them first to your blog. Wait 2 days and then send them to YouTube or other video sharing site you use.

It helps to have a contest or a give away every now and then. It does attract more people to your videos.

Your audience can help you get there. Release the videos to them first. Make them feel special and ask them to share.

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