Go far, go fast, Go big

I’ve asked myself how to go far, go fast and go big several times. In fact I’ve spent 10 of thousands of dollars paying coaches to help me achieve this goal. Since most claim they made it, why not pay to get the formula?

Fact is, most of the time all you get for your hard earned money is a bunch of new things to do. Fix website, use Facebook, e-mail this many times etc. No strategies, or the strategies are: Do a telesummit, build a list etc. Even worse, they apply the same strategy to all their clients as if all businesses where the same.

After a while you realize that they are in the business of telling you to use tool after tool, no real strategy and they only make money because they sell a story. Fact is, few can make it become real.

It took me quite a while to see that the main problem is that no one tackles the real issue: That we as entrepreneurs, being so involved in moving our business forward, don’t see many times what is front of our nose, we bring to the business many misconceptions, wrong beliefs and bad behaviors and many times don’t have time to think and think big or even define what big is. Most of the time we are overwhelmed and exhausted of working very hard and not seeing good results.

Defining a number is not thinking big, thinking big is being able to see opportunities that might become real and visualizing the empire your business could become with a clear path to get there. Nothing woo-woo here. There is a methodology to be applied.

I’m no expert in thinking big. I’ve struggled with myself many times because I know where I came from, how little I had and what is real today was unthinkable some years ago. I do know that today represents just a drop in the bucket tomorrow. The difference today is that I can see a process where I can focus and go far, go fast and go big. So can everybody else.

After a good amount of disappointment while seeking advice, I started observing people that where doing what I was seeking and I started mapping what was happening. During the nights I would sit and think about the similarities and mind map the commonalities and transforming them in types of actions.

It took a while but I finally got it: 4 stages where we need to focus and acquire the right kind of behavior, action and some times tools in order to achieve more in a short period of time.

I like the idea of creating a perfect storm for wealth creation.

Have in mind that these stages are not about marketing actions but about seeing, creating and refining. It is not a to do list, it is a lifestyle.

These stages are:

Anchor: Here you arm yourself with the right attitude and you learn to think like a winner. Again, not woo-woo stuff. This is for example realizing that your resourcefulness is way more important that the resources you have available and you use what you have, right now and use it fast. Here is where you see in details what you need to see about your business and you craft the right scenario. Defining the ideal client is crucial at this stage but not the type of definition you read in books. A much deeper kind. This will take you far

Propel: Here is when you set to go fast.
Know when to move, when to turn and sit at the right power table to make your connections propel you even further. Here you are able to see the real growth opportunities you have and how to get there. How or if creating an empire is a real possibility and the path to get there. Word of advice: If you want to fly with eagles, don’t swim with ducks!

Fly with eagles
Fly with eagles

: Here we start the process of going big. Marketing in a smart way belongs here. (see? not at the beginning, when you are not ready). Maximum attention from your market, new revenue channels and the learning on how to connect opportunities happen on this stage. Here is where you start to leverage marketing efforts in order to expand income

This stage we taste what big is and we stay there and enjoy the profits of our actions. We go for total leverage, we go for more expansion- which is fast, instead of growth- which is slow, and we have continuity income flowing so there are no worries.

4 simple stages. You first define which stage you are in your business and then move to get to the next one. I like to think I can do something each day that will help each of these stages and strengthen my business.

I’ve developed a series of actions for each one and now we are showing our clients how to implement them and we’ve noticed that they too move in bursts and achieve a lot more in a short period of time.

I’m really excited about this and would really like to share this with you. This is not the kind of stuff you can do on a teleseminar or video. It is real and I need time to deliver this.

I’ll be presenting this in depth during the Extreme Income Explosion summit in May and I want you to come spend 3 days with me and some folks that have applied this in their own lives.

This is a unique opportunity and you should take action.

Or you can keep fooling yourself and try a new tool, spend more time online, hire the shiny coach of the moment and never get what you know you are worth and be where you know you should be.

Life is made of choices.

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