Happy Holidays!

All we can say is that during this time that we take to reflect about the year that just passed, we are extremely grateful for those that helped us shape our business. By supporting us, doing business with us, following and commenting on social media environments, watching our show, all of you played a role in our business and we are really grateful for having you here!

We hope the New Year will bring you a lot of joy and dreams to fruition.

From all of us here at BuzzBooster, Happy Holidays and an incredible New Year!

Shahar Boyayan, Nashlah Boyayan, Veronica Andrade, Mary Lingao, Jonathan Jacinto, Susan Senoro,  Iris Isaguirre, Phoebe Joy Corbin, Subham Shaw, Sebastian Codrut, Leah Obillo, Sarah Kean-Price

and of course Apple and Banana

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