Have we gone crazy?

You will think we have gone crazy when you finish reading this e-mail.

In my country they call August the month of the mad dog, because weird things are believed to happen during this month. I’ll prove this to be true.

Well, August is the month Nashlah and I were born. In fact I was born on a Friday 13th just like Hitchcock who happens to be my favorite director.

So we decided to do some crazy promotions during this month. But we have a second intention behind this too.

As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago our offices were broken into and the thief took some computers. In fact, we have security footage with the individual leaving the office with our laptops and drinking a soda. We are always glad to provide refreshments!

Now we have to replace the computers. Therefore  we are going to make a super duper deal for you. We just want to leave this set back behind us.

There is no hype, the offer is real and it lasts only 48 hours.

We start today with one of our best sellers:

Our program on how to start a social media agency.

People invest in this program:

as a way to start a new business having their own agency,

to become high paid social media managers,

to add some done-for-you services to their coaching programs or

even businesses that want to run their own social media in house.

Or entrepreneurs that want to do their own social media marketing effectively.

It comes with all the structure, plans, templates, how-tos etc. Including the business side, how to sell and the how to use social media tools for business. (very different than wasting time on Facebook thinking you are marketing).

You will have immediate access to the program.

We sell it all the time for $1,997.00. You can check on the page here:


During the next 48hrs you will be able to get it for only $297.

Even if you are a competitor and want to know how we run a  6 figure boutique agency, it is worth the deal to do the benchmarking.

People love this program and we run the program, in fact, in 3 different countries.

You might be asking why we are taking $1,700.00 off such a stellar program.

I told you the reason above and for us to put a teleseminar or send direct mail in order to sell for the normal fee we need time. With so many trips around the corner, time is something we don’t have at the moment.

I can assure you, this opportunity will not knock again in the future. 48 hours and it is gone. Only $297 for this program.

Go to: http://www.icanstartmybusiness.com/now/

At check out type coupon code august1 and hit apply.

You will receive immediate access.

so, are we crazy or not?

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