How companies are using Twitter

I get this comment a lot: “I have a Twitter account but Ihave no clue how to use it to promote my business.”
When I’m speaking to entrepreneurs I usually tell them to focus on providing content and good tips 98% of the time. This will help them be perceived as an expert on their topic and generate more followers.
Today, I want to show you how some industries are using this amazing tool.
Last week, I mentioned how Dell generated $1M in revenue from promoting their products to its followers.
You probably heard that companies like Comcast, Southwest, Zappos use Twitter as a customer service tool and to prevent bad PR.
Red Cross uses to alert followers about crisis.
Tim Ferris, author of “4 hour work week” uses Twitter to raise money for charity. For each follower he gets, he donates $1 and a company will match $2 for a public school fund.
CoffeeGroundz takes to-go orders with Twitter and customers can make orders from their seat.
Zoomdweebie’s Tea Bar offers different tea blends each week to theirfollowers. This is what they say: “We were shipping maybe one or twopackages every two to three weeks,” Horbelt said. “Now we’re shipping40 to 50 packages.”
Other companies promote online and offline events.
Authors create book parties to promote their books
As you can see, all sizes of companies can benefit from this fr33 tool.
Twitter is at least a great brand-monitoring tool.
Don’t you think it is time for your company to hop on this train?

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