How to be successful with online videos

Here are a few guidelines on how to be successful with online videos.
Online videos are one of the best options you have to market your business and although there is a little bit more work involved than audio, the results can be massive for your business.

1. Be consistent. This is the most important thing. It is better to have 5 videos that you post one every week than to have one long video. People will learn to expect your videos and they get frustrated if you are not consistent.
2. Post frequent. Whatever is better for you and helps you be consistent. Some people can post a daily video, others do once a week. The idea here is to post as frequently as possible.
3. Use short videos. Sometimes you have to go longer, but try to be under 5 minutes. Trim all the fat.
4. 1 story per video. Focus is king
5. Don’t be boring. Being boring is a big sin in marketing.
6. Pay a lot of attention on the title, description and tags. Titles need to entice people to click and they need to contain some keywords so people will be able to find your videos. Add your url to the description and use as many keywords as possible on the tags.
7. Uberpublish. Post your videos everywhere. YouTube is just one video sharing place, post on all of them and don’t forget to post on your blog. Use a distribution software like Myvideosubmitter to make your life easier.
8. Be part of the community. Especially on YouTube. Subscribe to people’s channels, comment on their videos.
9. Have your channel on YouTube.
10. Always have a call to action and take them to a place where they can take action.
11. On YouTube use the call to action overlay to take them to a place where they can take action. It is a great way to get YouTubers to know more about you.
12. Share your videos on the social networks that you belong to.
13. Get rid of all excuses and start posting videos today. Don’t postpone.
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