How to create a site that sells

We get all worried about having a great design for our website and creating products, but do we ever worry with the sales process?
We must master sales and make sure our site is a selling machine.
There is no point in driving traffic to a website if the site is not ready to convert.

Of course, text is still a big part of any website and we need to pay a lot of attention to the copy. After all, copy sells. Just don’t forget that copy can also be in audio and video format. A mix of text, audio and video makes a site a lot more interesting. Remember that being boring is a big sin in business.

The copy on your site must pin point the pain in your customer’s mind, not only his needs or wants, but the pain that if correctly addressed will make him take action.

Next, tell your customer how you can help solve this pain.
Engage your customer and explain how and why you can help.

Think about the objections that could come up in a conversation and address them.

Then tell your customer how they will benefit from your solution, show how others have benefited from it. Don’t be shy with testimonials. Testimonials can be text, audio and videos. Use testimonials everywhere you can, on the product page, home page.

Tell them what action is expected and how they should take this action.

Give them contact information on every page: e-mail, phone number etc.

Always have a place where they can get ion touch with you. Preferably in every page of the site. Let them communicate with you, ask questions, expose their fears.

And, if they want to buy, let them! Don’t make it difficult for people to buy from you. Name buttons clearly, provide a range of payment options and only ask for information that you really need. People don’t like to give you information, so only ask for what is necessary.

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