How to create a tag line

I don’t know about you but every time I go to a networking meeting and people start introducing themselves I go to la,la land. I try to pay attention but the messages are so ordinary that it becomes an impossible task.. They all go like: I’m a consultant…, I sell beauty products…, I’m a real estate agent…

All this becomes just noise.

So, when it is your turn, how do you get attention?

The answer is to simplify your message.

Look at the example of some big companies that have figured that out:

Avis- We try harder
Nike- Just do it
Coke- Just for the taste of it
Mc Donald’s- I’m loving it.

For you to reach the same level of communication you need first to be able to answer there 4 questions in just one sentence:

1. What the problem is
2. Who you are solving it for
3. Why you
4 How do you do it

Ask yourself what is the one thing you do that they would pay for. Something they want really bad.

I know it is not easy to get to one sentence only and it may take you a while but this is how it is done.
We need to know what is the one benefit I do in my work that solves on single problem that my entire market can understand and want to pay for.

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