How to sell more at the end of the year

Have you realized that there are only 60 days to the end of the year?
While you might be already thinking what to cook for Thanksgiving or about gifts for Christmas, you also need to think how you are going to use these precious 60 days to generate more revenue in your business.
After all, there is no better Christmas present than a profitable year.

Here are a few things you can do to generate more business in the next 60 days and to ensure you start a new year with a lot of business.

1. Set goals and expectations first. Like any marketing plan you need to see first what you want out of these efforts and how much. This will also help you create a marketing plan for the next 60 days and give you a glimpse of how useful a marketing plan for the whole year could be.
2. Get in touch with your top 20 clients in the next 30 days. Why not use Thanksgiving as the perfect reason to thank them for their business. People get a lot of cards for Christmas, but not on Thanksgiving. You can use this opportunity for a special offer. Be sure to connect with these customers on social networks like Facebook and Linkedin. This is a good time to survey them and see what other services and products they would like to see you offering. Always ask for referrals.
3. Do you like the 12 days of Christmas idea? Why not offer a different promotion for each day?
4. Do an e-mail marketing campaign where you tell them about your most successful product or service and offer them a 3 days special offer for this product. This time of the year people expect reviews and are curious about other people’s stories.
5. Every year do you go out and spend money on Black Friday? Why not be the one offering a Black Friday deal or even better, a Black Monday deal online?
6. Send a press release. Tell a case study from one of your customers and how you helped them become more successful. You can submit the press release online using PRweb or many other similar services.
7. Sell a new year planning teleseminar series where you will educate your audience in what they need to do next. You can record the calls and later have a new product to sell. Teleseminars are also great to bring prospects into your funnel. Use Facebook to promote this event.
8. Use the “End of the Year” or “New Year” offer to promote one of your products or services.
9. If you have an e-book or report, give it at no cost on your website and promote as a Thanksgiving offer.
10. Tell people you are doing an end of the year clean up in your office because you need extra space and sell some items at a discount.

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