How to sell more in today’s market

You hear all the time that people don’t want to be sold, that traditional advertising is dead and you need to approach clients in a different way.
But how do you do that?
Here is a small list that will help you attract clients and sell more.
1. Use the word YOU often. People want to know what your product or service can do for them.
2. Answer these questions: What is this about? Why should I care? What’s in it for me and what do I have to do? People might not word these questions, but they will be thinking about it.
3. Increase your credibility by showing passion, expressiveness and accessibility.
4. Generate emotion. Have in mind that people tend to buy with the heart and justify with the mind. Go for emotion first, features later.
5. Vary the way you present. Remember that some people are visual, some auditory, some kinesthetic. Use text, pictures, props.
6. Become a storyteller. People love stories, stories are engaging and can generate powerful emotions. You can tell stories with pictures, analogies and words.
7. Don’t use too much information. People only want the amount of information they can use. Less is more. Too much information will only overwhelm people and the confused mind doesn’t take action. More words do not equal more impact.
8. Be transparent. Let your personality show.
9. Don’t be boring. Boring is really bad for business.
10. Be honest and be someone people can trust.

Sales will follow.

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