Implementation process for small businesses

A lot of people ask us how we manage so many websites and if we sleep at night. We do sleep at night, in fact we even try to sleep 8 hours every night or most of the nights.

Our process works more or less like this: We get a new idea that could work, sleep on that and the next day we do some research on the market possibilities. We then get together and discuss what needs to be done to implement that idea and set deadlines. Now, the project goes to a project management software were it is divided in tasks with deadlines and people involved are notified of their tasks. Usually we set very short deadlines. The project is launched and we start testing. 99% of the time there are glitches to be fixed. We are strong advocates that you don’t have to get it perfect, just have to get it going. The reason behind this is that it is more important to test the project with the market and see what the market wants and that if you try to perfect too much, you never implement anything. Ask Google and Microsoft if they don’t agree with me. If for some reason a project doesn’t do well, we phase it out fast. There is no problem in failing as long as you do it fast and move on. You always learn a lot in the process. The key point here is to implement, never wait. You will always be better than your competition if you are the one testing new ideas and implementing things. Once we prove that idea will convert well, we go deep, invest more time and perfect the project. Next year, try to implement more and worry less. Test everything, track everything, rinse and repeat. The results will blow your mind.

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