Importance of Mastermind for small businesses

We are on our way to Orange County tonight. I’ve been looking forward for this trip. It is a meeting with our mastermind group. It took me a while to figure out why I needed a mastermind group. As a business owner, I’m an implementer. I get things done and I like to solve challenges. This is a good thing but I also tend to feel very lonely. It is hard to find people with whom you can talk about business growth, specific challenges that you face, like any other business owners and it is hard to grow if you are the only, or in our case, the only 2 thinking heads in a business.

These are the reasons I belong to a mastermind group. I can get fresh eyes in my business, accelerate business growth, the group becomes a sounding board for new ideas- this is very important because people tend to ask opinions from people that cannot give them an appropriate opinion, like friends and family. There is also accountability, you stepping out of the box, share sorrows and joy and of course the group can help you achieve milestones.

As business owners it is very difficult for us to do this by ourselves. We all need fresh eyes in our business every now and then.

This week I just want you to think how you are running your business and if you want to keep being the loneliest person on earth or look for ways to bounce back business ideas.

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