Increase Productivity with a Stellar Home Office

by Kaitlin Krull

Some people think that working from home must be like a dream: wake up, have a cup of

coffee, and leisurely complete all our work with no effort at all. However, those of us who work

from home will tell those people that the experience is often fraught with distractions and less-

than-ideal work spaces. We at Modernize understand this struggle and have tons of ideas for

beautifying your work space while increasing productivity. If you are living with the same kind of

work-from-home problems, check out the following tips to help your home office go from

distracted to productive.

Keep work and home life separate

One of the most important things to do when setting up your home office is to clearly delineate

your work space. A home office is best kept in its own room if possible, otherwise in a quiet

corner of the house with access to natural light. Your home office should ideally have a layout

similar to that of a traditional office, with a desk, chair, and filing or storage units. If you are

interested in a diverse work environment, which is said to increase productivity, then consider

having a larger meeting table and a comfortable sofa or chairs for informal chats in addition to

your regular desk space.

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