Info-Products Anyone Can Create

As a culture we are obsessed with information. The Internet allows us to tap into every
kind of knowledge base anytime we want and from almost anywhere in the world. And
no matter how much information is out there, we have a hunger that is never satiated.
And that’s good news for anyone wishing to get into the lucrative business of creating
and selling info-products. Info-products are the top selling products on the Internet, and
are surprisingly easy to create and market. The three basic info products are: E-books,
audio information and audio/visual information.


Creating E-books is by far the quickest and easiest way to dive into the info-product
ocean and start making a profit. E-books are just like any book you have on your coffee
table or bookshelf—except that they are entirely digital. The advantages of the digital
book to consumers are: (1) there is no storage problem, (2) access to the product after
purchase is almost instant, and (3) they can reap the rewards of the information
immediately. The advantages for the creator are equally compelling. Anyone can create
an e-book in just a few days—some are even produced in a few hours. You don’t need to
be technical wizard or purchase expensive software to create an info-product.

Audio Info-Products

Today, it seems that the whole world is plugged-in. Billions of people listen to music and
books on the car radio, on MP3 players, on cell phones and on computers. As an info-
product producer you can easily tap into that profitable commercial sea. And although it
is a bit more technical than e-books, anyone can get started for as little as $15-$20 for the
purchase of a computer microphone. Audio recording software is available for free on
the internet. Audio info-products appeal to a broad cross-section of consumers who are
on the go and do not have time to read.

Video Info-Products

Video info-products are much easier to produce these days and give the consumer an
‘almost live’ experience. Again, you don’t have to be a computer wiz or a camera nut, to
produce quality video info products. Most people begin with some free software that
allows you to create downloadable videos. There are several sites on the Internet that
offer free software, one is called VideoSpin. While the learning curve is a bit longer to
produce a quality video info-product, it is well worth the effort. Successful videos
generate a lot of traffic to your website and when well-crafted can create quite the
Internet buzz—which will in turn lead to more sales and more profit.

Info-products are the ideal Internet marketing business:
? They have a broad appeal across all sections of humanity, young and old, rich
and poor, geniuses and just regular folks.
? They are easy to produce. Some can be produced in as little as a day.
? And most importantly, they allow creativity to blossom, which means that
creating and selling them is about the most fun you’ll ever have.
Don’t let the technology scare you, anyone can create info-products, even you.

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