It’s Business… Treat it Like a Rock Concert!

Last week I went to the Jack Johnson concert here in Utah. I had a fantastic time, thank you! I had to arrive early to guarantee a good spot, which I did, and while there I was able to analyze the dynamics of the concert. You see, to everything there’s an act, don’t be fooled in thinking that things just happen for a reason, well, I better rephrase that, after all they do happen for a reason… monetary reasons that is!

On the ticket it states that the show starts at 7:00pm, gates however, open at 5:00pm. Well, one gets there around 4:30pm. You stand in line under the hot summer sun, you make it through the gates only to encounter nice-big-full-of-drinks concession stands! Ka-ching – they make money!

You walk down to the stage to secure a good seat, on the way there you’re seduced with tons of bright cool looking merchandise… this is such a memorable occasion one wouldn’t want to forget it… hmm, if only you could have a t-shirt! Ka-ching – they make more money!

You find your seat, relax for a while, smile at the passersby, look up at the beautiful blue sky, ahhh life is grand. Sit there a little longer, ponder, relax some more, and well, get a little bored. Not too long after that you hear folks yelling “water, peanuts, water, peanuts”, what better thing to do than eating to pass the time?! Ka-ching – they make money!

Opening band comes along, yea they’re great, but they’re probably not the reason why you’re there. Show ends, band leaves the stage, crew sets up the stage for next band… you wait… and wait some more… next band comes along, they play their stuff… yea it’s great, but not quite why you’re there. Band gets off stage, crew sets up stage for the most awaited show… time goes by, more time goes by, even more time goes by… all the while people are walking on and off their sitting areas to grab a bite, one more beer, hmm chocolate, tacos, and whatever else they’re selling there! Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!

Get the point? It’s all staged, and we love it. It’s part of the experience… we spend money to spend more money, and we do it with a smile on our faces, we even buy a t-shirt to remember it! What are you doing to enhance the buying process? What are you doing to prolong it? Think about the choreography of your sales process… and put on a show!

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