Look For People With Expandable Cash

Mark Cuban wrote an interesting blog post the other day called “Free is only good if someone else is paying for it.” He has a very interesting approach and basically talks against the conventional wisdom that free is the way to go.

“When people actually pay for your product, you define a value to everyone. First you have to keep your paying customers happy. They want their money’s worth. Which in turn, keeps you improving the product and the service surrounding it. Just as importantly, it creates a revenue stream for your company. Always remember this. Without a revenue stream, you have no company.

This got me thinking and observing those around me for a second… with all this recession and crisis talk a lot of businesses react in an inadvertent manner, they lower their prices and devalue their offerings in the hopes that they might make a sale or two and survive. That’s a sad approach. If you’re having difficulty growing, you’re most likely going after the wrong audience and with the wrong price.

Target people with expandable cash, people who don’t even notice the recession.

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