Marketing to other countries

Have you ever considered marketing to non- English speaking countries?
We’ve been playing with that for a while and I have some friends doing extremely well marketing to countries like Poland and France.
Usually these markets as not as crowded by experts as in the US and although cultures and buying styles vary, they can be very interesting.
Let me tell you about our experience today.
We did our first live streaming to a non-English speaking country. We had a small list of about 100 names. We shot 1 e-mail and over a week got close to 300 registered people. About half attended.
Remember we sent only 1 e-mail in one week and a reminder on the day.

Interaction was amazing, lots of questions. We didn’t know if our sales process would work well there.
We sold really well.
We ended having viewers in 3 different countries.

We were really excited with the results. We put very little effort promoting. A drop in a water bucket if compared to what we do here to promote a teleseminar, we had more interaction and sales.

We can see a lot of possibilities here and we saw that results will come fast.

Have you ever considered marketing to other countries?
Consider the fact that most are not going through a tough recession.

Just saying.

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