My Review of SLC ComiCon

I had nothing to do with the organization of SLC ComiCon but I’m so proud that we had this event here in Utah. Great Job to all that helped put this event together!

The event sold 70,003 tickets and on Saturday had to turn people away. I’ve been in SL for 9 years and go to a lot of events and never saw such support from the community.

Outdoor Retailer is the biggest show we have in town and their attendance in 2013 was 21,814.

Guess geeks are mainstream now…

ComiCon here went pretty well with just a few problems. People had a great time and it was a little emotional when it came to the end.

The workshops had panel format and were able to deliver good information. So many events with panels turn into an endless stream of jokes and don’t lead to anything, not the case here.

The ComiCon film festival showed some pretty good shorts. Very proud of our film community here!

They suffered with the poor signage and the fact that on the first day a security person from the Salt Palace was not allowing people to get to the festival. Next year I bet they will work signs and train their volunteers on all the events happening.

Lack of available schedules of other events and next day schedules was an issue.

Cosplay was all around and I have to say some were really amazing.

The trade show was packed, really hard to move around and so fun! Family friend event had multiple generations going around. The mix of artists and companies was really good and diverse. I’d like to see more toy art artists, Ball Jointed Dolls and Anime next time.

Good mix of celebrities too. Amongst them Glenn Morshower, Lou Ferrigno,  Dirk Benedict, Peter Mayhew, Dean Cain, William Shatner, Adam West and Stan  Lee.

Lou Ferrigno and Dean Cain went the extra mile to make this event successful. Talking to fans, taking pictures and just being nice.

William Shatner and Adam West had a special presentation. A big Ego trip and double meaning jokes. Not my favorite.

Stan Lee is right now my favorite person in this Universe. Great guy, great presentation, so approachable. Hope they can bring him back next year.

Yes, next year and may this from now on be called The Annual SLC ComiCon.

We have some great interviews to show you on our BuzzBooster Tv in the enxt few weeks and some articles coming in the next issue of Engage Magazine.

SLC ComiCon


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