Pinterest as a business marketing tool

Pinterest saw a 1,047% increase in unique PC visitors, and is aiming to surpass LinkedIn this year. The social site that show the next highest growth was Google+ that saw an 80% increase in traditional web users.

Not only are people using Pinterest, but they are engaging as well. Pinterest ranked 4th in total minutes used on mobile apps, up 6,056% from last year.

Females still dominate Pinterest’s usage, making up the overwhelming majority of the audience. Females make up 84% of all mobile app users, 72% of mobile web users and 70% of all PC users. The network is also comprised of a rare20-20 year old market. The two largest age brackets of Pinterest users are 35-49 year olds and 25-34 year olds with the younger segment owning a larger portion of app usage. Additionally, over 75% of all Pinterest users are white, with Hispanics making up an extra 20%.


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