PPC Classroom

We are leaving Vegas now and going back to Salt Lake after attending the PPC classroom.

Usually we don’t have high expectations when we go to an event because we are so used to get there and just experience a pitch fest.

This one was really different. The speakers were really good.

The ppc classroom was an event put together by Jeremy Palmer and Anik Singal, and they did it very well.

My favorite speakers were David Bullock with the Taguchi method, Greg Cesar that talked about offline marketing and who is a guy that every time I got near him, he was giving someone a very good tip. Anik gave an awesome presentation about using content network but my favorite was Kirt Christensen.

I’m not a note taker and I guess I filled 4 pages with very good info coming from him. I couldn’t wait to go back to the hotel room and put some of those tips into practice.

I’ll share a lot more to the members of E30 pretty soon.

They said they would put the event again in 6 months, so keep an eye open and don’t miss it!

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