Promote, promote, promote your HHC business

We must be promoting on a constant basis.
But how do we do it in a way we can guarantee results?
Simple, create a strategic plan and treat it as a campaign.
Every week or month decide on what you are going to promote, what pain it solves and how it will make people’s life better.
The answer becomes the identity of your campaing. Everything you do will promise the same end result.
Decide which media you will be using. Remember all campaings need to be multi-media.
Here is an example:

1.Send e-mail to your list about the offer
2.Add the offer to your monthly newsletter on a special section
3.Add banners about the promotion all around your shop
4.Get a banner on a caregiving site with this months promo
5.Put an ad on a local radio station
6.Add a video about the promo to your site and on YouTube.
7.Rinse and repeat.

Constant communication with your audience is what brings them in and buying. On today’s market I can take up to 18 touchpoints with a prospect before they make the decision to buy.

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