Selling strategies for restaurants

Eating out is something we can always postpone. That is not a good things for restaurants.

NeuroMarketing tells us a lot about selling more to customers when going out.

First we need to understand to which age group we are catering for. Different age groups have different expectations and we need to honor those expectations if we want to be successful.

One thing to have in mind is that boomers love to go out but they are going less and less to restaurants. Boomers expect to have an experience when they go out. Good food and a good time.

Unfortunately going out to eat has been more of a burden than a good experience. Service in restaurants has declined quite a bit and not much training is done with servers. So much easy to stay home than go through that.

Once in the restaurant, you can have a menu that makes people buy more.

  • Avoid prices with dollar signs or decimals. People will spend more if you don’t add those to the menu.
  • Use fonts that are harder to read when explaining the dish.
  • Premium price products should be separated from lower-priced products.
  • A study showed that people’s brains experience more pleasure when they think they are drinking a $45 wine instead of a $5 bottle. Even when it is the same stuff.
  • Price can change the experience of the product.
  • Discounting can reduce the experience

Selling strategies for restaurants

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