Small business marketing and viral videos

There is no way to control if a video will become viral or not. No formula for this one. There are some hints like using animals, babies or fun videos. Companies can create funny videos or even use someone from their audience to create a fun video, but it doesn’t mean it will go viral either. Now, there are ways to get a lift and use a video that is already viral and promote your own company or use the same story.

For example, you probably saw the commercials from Old Spice that went viral online. (With a clever strategy of using Twitter as a tool to get ideas, engage and get m0ore videos out). The videos had great content and a good strategy and became viral. BYU did a video with the same concept and got a lot of media attention and got over 2 million views.

Another local company, BlendTec used the same idea, the actor from the BYU video and created their own version. This video didn’t appeal to me at all but in less than 24 hours had more than 52 thousand views only on YouTube.

Now, Sesame Street did another Old Spice spoof Smell like a monster and in just 5 days reached 3.7 million views.
One idea and some spoofs to sell deodorant, university courses, blenders and shows to kids.
When a video goes viral it can change the face of your company but when it doesn’t, it still brings awareness, reach people you wouldn’t reach otherwise and bring money to your pocket.

3 weeks ago, one of our videos went viral on YouTube. The YouTube x Search engines got more than 14.860 views. Most of our videos get a lot less, but they are all great marketing tools that bring prospects to our door.
Just imagine what online videos could do for your company.

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