Small business marketing: Sales strategies

There are 3 things you need to have in place 100% of the time to make sure sales are generated everyday. I like to make the analogy with gardening because they have a lot in common.

1. Seeding- you need to be prospecting regularly without being too much in your face. On this stage is where you can benefit a lot from social media. Beware not to make the number one mistake: water too much and ruin the seeds- or spend the whole day on Facebook, give too many tips or provide too much access to you.

2. Picking. There is a right moment to pick the flowers before they loose their momentum. Same thing here, there is a right moment to close the sale. Flowers won’t pick themselves and put themselves in a vase, clients won’t take action either without your help.

3. Keep them blooming. You want your plants to bloom again just like you want existing clients to keep buying. Long lasting prosperity is achieved by selling over and over again to existing clients. Too many times we invest to make a prospect become a client, so our first sale does not bring profits. By selling other solutions to them at different price points is where profit is made.

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