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Live Social Media Campaigns Generate Buzz

Running real-time “live” social media campaigns is one way marketers can effectively use social networking to generate positive buzz for their brands, according to [pdf] a new report from WaveMetrix. Results from “Q3 2011 Benefits and Limits of a Social Media Fanbase” indicate that both Domino’s Pizza and Burberry have achieved impressive results from live social media marketing campaigns.

A brief review of each campaign follows.
Domino’s Takes Manhattan

In July 2011, Domino’s Pizza put up a billboard in Times Square streaming live comments from their customer feedback forms. Although comments are vetted for bad language and appropriateness, Domino’s maintains that they are otherwise unfiltered and that both negative and positive feedback will be streamed. This move is part of a global effort to improve the pizza brand’s image, following the controversial YouTube video in April 2009 showing Domino’s employees tampering with the food.

WaveMetrix analysis of consumer reaction to the new billboard shows that they perceive it to be a “brave” and “respectful” act. This is especially true given Domino’s previous experience with social media, but the brand is now using it as a tool to appear more open and honest. WaveMetrix analysis also shows that it is not just Domino’s Facebook fans who praise the new strategy, but also other internet users who are not all Domino’s customers, suggesting far-reaching engagement.

WaveMetrix analysis indicates that 12% of consumers reacting to the Times Square billboard say it is a “brave” move, four times the 3% who call it “foolhardy.”
Burberry and Twitter Get Exclusive

Burberry partnered with Twitter during this year’s London Fashion Week in September 2011 and introduced what the two companies are calling a “Tweetwalk.” Backstage photos of every look were taken at the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 show and shared with the brand’s Twitter followers right before the models hit the runway.

WaveMetrix analysis reveals that Burberry’s Tweetwalk show, which ran alongside its catwalk show, generated overwhelmingly positive buzz, before, during and after the show, with consumers impressed at their “bold” use of social media and appreciating the fact that they were seeing the Spring Summer collection before even those sitting in the front row of the show. Twitter users described their enjoyment at this feeling of exclusivity and expressed their excitement and anticipation about seeing the new collection.

Almost four in 10 (38%) consumers commenting on the Tweetwalk discussed feelings of exclusivity, while 30% of posts about the Burberry brand or products focused on exclusivity.
Beware Backfiring Social Media Ads

While live social media campaigns can produce dividends, other report data indicates marketers considering negative, mocking or even charitable social media promotional campaigns should first carefully consider how consumers may react, as a poorly designed social media campaign can create the wrong type of online buzz.

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