Success is not a one time meal, it is an ongoing feast- The process for success and the unstoppable you

The coaching and consulting business can be really fun, really exciting and really frustrating.
When clients follow the advice and take action, they see results and everyone grows. That is when it is fun and exciting.
But, there are those that follow some advice, see some results, get a taste of what success is and go back to what they were doing before. That is when it is frustrating.

Unfortunately that is the nature of the business, some people will move forward and some won’t.

Even though I understand this dynamic, I still get frustrated when I see a business full of potential not go anywhere. Usually this type of entrepreneurs goes after every new magic tool, every new social media tool and jumps from coach to coach.

I work a lot but every night I take some time to watch documentaries and some TV shows. I love Shark Tank and Kitchen Nightmares. I usually watch Kitchen Nightmares with my daughter because we love to bitch about those restaurant owners that don’t do what they are told, go into business without knowing anything about the restaurant business and are so ego centric. That is fun for us. After each episode we check on our tablets if they are still open or not. We watched the whole UK series and several of the US ones so far. This amounts to about 45 episodes. From this group less than 5 restaurants are still open. Think about that, it is less than 10%. You can blame Chef Ramsey but that is the same percentage you get for super performers in a sales force and the same for most consultants.

Something is clearly wrong. You can blame the coach or consultant, you can blame, in our case, marketing or social media but if you go and watch those episodes you will notice that fear, lack of vision and bad habits are really the culprit.

This made us re-think our own approach. We traditionally focus on very strong positioning, message and then marketing but as I mentioned above, even if you do some things right, experiment success it does not mean you will keep on the right track and keep being successful.

business feastIn order for you to become an unstoppable entrepreneur there are a few more things you need to work on and these is the process we have incorporated:

1. You need to develop a kaleidoscope vision.
On a daily basis, we see things in pieces, we have to-do lists, we forget to think big (or we don’t even know what that is)and very seldom we acknowledge any limitations. We need to combine these elements in order to create the right picture of our future in business.

2. Find your broken windows. We talked about this concept before. You need to access and identify what is not working, habit patterns and how you can incorporate new business habits.

3. Who is really in charge? When you put things together you find out that you really live with 2 different personalities. Crazy huh? But true. There is the you that is rational, wants to succeed, knows there is more out there for you and this other person who just leaves in fear and disbelief. You need to take a specific set of actions and decide who is in charge.

4. Show your real side. Here is where you craft the story you tell your audience and create points of similarity. Here is where you develop you full potential and then,

5. You just worry to always increase the level of trust with your audience- clients.

Remember that for this process, you do need a pair of fresh eyes that are not emotionally involved with you or your business. Being real is crucial.

Once you get this right, then you can worry about positioning, marketing, prospecting etc.because here you will get what you deserve and will keep getting. Success is not a one time meal, it is an ongoing feast.

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