Social media marketing case tudy- Info-marketing party

A few weeks ago we were one of the guests at the Info-Marketing Livestreaming party.
Hosted by Robert Skrob and guests such as Dan Kennedy, Buzzbooster, Fabienne Fredrikson, T.J. Rohler, Alex Mandossian and many more.

What not a lot of people know is that we also helped Robert organize the event that would promote his new book, lead to a teleseminar and the sales of a new program.

Here are a few steps that helped this launch be so successful:

We started working a year before the event because Robert at that time had not a strong presence in social media environments. So this presence was created over some months and we also asked Robert to start a web show called Quick Sustainable Wealth TV. All profiles, forms and Calls to action led to a leads capture page in order to build a list coming from social media environments.

Of course, Robert invited marketers for the event that have a strong presence online and as JVs they helped promote the event.

For the event, because there were quite a few technological components, many guests and many things could go wrong, we made sure we had some rehearsals to cover all possibilities.

Livestreaming has some limitations at the moment. Companies don’t record the sound of guests or cohosts. image of guests is pixelated, Cohosts don’t get the sound through their speakers. If cohost has the show page open, there will be echo.

All guests received detailed instructions ahead of time and constant communication.

So we decided to have Robert on camera and all guests coming through a phone line. This proved to avoid some problems, improve some quality issues and the attendees enjoyed the results. We this option we also guarantee less stress and unforeseen problems the guests could have.

Instead of having everyone go to the Ustream show page, we created a page for the event where we embedded the livestream, added a chat so people could interact during the whole 3 hours of the event and ask questions and added a banner leading to the book that was going to be promoted during the event.

In the back end, we had 3 people monitoring sound, chat and answering questions.

After 1 hour and a half into the event, a storm came by where Robert lives and the lights went out for a minute. Robert had a power source on and we didn’t lose the video but we did lose the audio. The assistants kept talking to people on the chat, everything was back in less than 5 minutes and we lost less than 20 people because of this glitch. We are talking about an event that was attended by thousands. One guest didn’t show up and another came in a different time than the one set but these didn’t cause the event to miss a beat. We had different option ahead of time to deal with some unforeseen possibilities.

The event was a huge success and Robert is now a pioneer in this type of launches. Yes there have been some product launches using livestreaming but all guests and host are in one location. In this case, each guest was in a different location.

The success was not only because of the caliber of all guests and the quality of information, follow-up with the list before, during and after the event but because of all the preparation, tests and rehearsals before the event.
We are looking forward to the next one.