Why You Spend More Hours at Work When Your Relationship Is Going Well

Do people in bad relationships escape to the relative sanctity of the office and devote more time to work, as has been hypothesized? Just the opposite, says a team led by Dana Unger of the University of Mannheim in Germany. People put more time in at work when their intimate relationships are going well, cutting back in order to invest in their relationships when things aren’t smooth at home, the researchers found in a diary study of 154 dual-earner couples. A healthy relationship at home gives people emotional, cognitive, and physical vigor, which allows them to put in more hours at work.

SOURCE: A question of time: Daily time allocation between work and private life

Don’t Tidy Up Before You Do Your Creative Thinking

This is just great news for me!!!

Research participants in a room where papers were scattered on a table and the floor came up with 5 times more highly creative ideas for new uses of ping-pong balls than those in a room where papers and markers were neatly arranged, says a team led by Kathleen D. Vohs of the University of Minnesota. A disorderly environment seems to aid creativity by helping people break from tradition, order, and convention, the researchers say.

Don’t Tidy Up Before You Do Your Creative Thinking

SOURCE: Physical Order Produces Healthy Choices, Generosity, and Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity

How to market to 5 senses

Here are a few ways you can market to 5 senses in your business:


  • Sight: Logo, uniforms, fabric of uniforms, product design, decor in your office, colors and typeface
  • Sound: product sounds, music in your office. Remember: the eyes like what is new, the ears what is known.
  • Taste: product taste, gifts, we offer chocolate to our prospects before talking about price. It lowers mental barriers
  • Smell: Environmental aroma, product aroma. Diffusers in the room, perfume you and your employees use
  • Touch: Product surface, marketing materials, environment surfaces, fabric of uniforms.

All these can also be brought up in copy.