Make them belong

People have an inherent tendency to categorize themselves into groups. They tend to base their identity on their group affiliations.

The need to belong is high on Maslow pyramid.

Think of ways you can make customers feel that they belong.

You can do this by having a member base,  special prices for existing customers (Comcast could learn this one), T-shirts, special perks and many other ways.

Can you name a few?


Consistency brings familiarity

Consistency brings familiarity.

So you need to be consistent with your story and tell it often, consistent in the places you market, how often you market and how you market.

Constant repetition breeds familiarity.

Tell and tell once more then once again


Neuro Magnetism Tip

Here is a tip to make you more attractive to your audience and get more attention:

Our brains are wired to respond to motion – in prehistoric times, movement might be a threat, or perhaps food. Whether you are presenting to a group, selling one-on-one, or designing a TV commercial, use motion to grab the attention of your audience and focus it where you want it.