E-mail marketing better than SEO and Social Media?

Very interesting info-graphic about the efficiency of e-mail marketing from Business2community.

E-mail marketing


If you feel overwhelmed by this fact, read on to learn about some great email subject lines that will guarantee your targeted audience opens your email.

1.) Subjects that Offer Contrary Advice

This particular subject line works really well if the audience happens to encompass members of the business community. Ultimately, the use of a contrarian title makes a reader begin to think about what you actually mean and they end up opening your email specifically to find out if they guessed what you were talking about.

Example: Your Clients Have No Idea What They Want: Effective Research Shows Correct Market Trends and Foregoes Collecting Customer Opinions

2.) A Creative Thought that Doesn’t Really Fit Together

In a sense, this could involve the use of sarcasm. When used correctly, this style of writing can be humorous, invoke curiosity and inspire action. But remember, if you use it in the subject line, the body of the text has to back it up.

Example: Accomplish All Your Dreams without Leaving Your House

3.) Say Something Controversial

Ultimately, controversy will always be an effective marketing tool. This is why the National Enquirer and other celebrity tabloids will always fly off the shelves. A reader always wants to learn a secret or be privy to salacious information. As an email marketer, you can use this desire to sell your product or service.

Example: What Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Know About Paid Ads

4.) Shock and Awe

Shock will always be one of the most intense emotions a human can experience, for better or worse. Shocking information sells and, just like the breaking news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the TV screen, this type of subject line should be timely. After all, how many times have you paused what you are doing specifically to check out what a shocking headline was about, either on TV or the Internet? The same can be said about email.

Example: Warren Buffett Explains Why Your Business Is Going to Get Crushed in 2013

5.) Reference the World of Pop Culture

As much as many of us may hate to admit it, there is a reason why people like the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan attract our attention. While it may be a form of mediocre entertainment, most people have a hard time turning their attention away from pop culture references. This is because, for good or bad, pop culture icons satisfy our curiosity as well as allow us to feel good about our choices (because of their bad ones). A pop culture reference in an email subject line can be pure gold.

Example: What Not to Do: Kim Kardashian’s Guide to Bad Business

In closing, there are some rules to follow when writing email subject lines.

  • Make it useful; promise valuable information to the reader.
  • Ensure that there is a sense of urgency; it must inspire the reader to open the email right now.
  • Create a unique message; ensure the email is something that is compelling and creative.
  • Provide specifics; always make sure that the message shows how the reader will benefit from the information.

Remember, your targeted audience is not simply standing by, waiting to hear from you. When you do happen to have an email in their in-box, you have to give them a reason to open your message and read what you have to say.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/how-to-write-attention-grabbing-email-subject-lines-0369445#yiaclyAqIYL2SeJz.99

New SEO changes

Here is another episode of BuzzBooster TV.

This week we discuss Penguin and changes in SEO and what you need to do to rank well with your website and the best in small business marketing.


Social media marketing is the new SEO

Yes, we know we should be using social media marketing to engage and create a relationship with prospects and buyers but we cannot miss the fact that we need to be in search engines when people are looking for products and services we offer.
When buyers know what they want they go to search engines and you need to be there or your business will suffer.
Instead of investing hundreds of pounds a month for SEO wizardry, companies now will be forced to focus on the real, honest and authentic content that Social Networking and Blogs allow.

There were several changes related on how to optimize a site and many of the things you were already doing to bring people to your site are probably hurting you right now. For example, links.

I’m not going to go through the changes but want to show you how now, social media marketing is not optional anymore for businesses:

From now on, search engines will contain more and more social media mentions. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus profiles will have a bigger impact in search engines rankings. Share only relevant information on your networks to get attention.

The search engines now show results recommended by people in social networks. You can see how it works by searching for something while you are logged in and logged out. You will see 2 different results.

Quality content with one way will be of more importance in the future.

Work on rich snippets. This are the two lines after a title. This is very important and it provides people with a snippet of what they will see when they click.

Online videos are indexed by search engines and should be used.

Becoming a guest blogger will improve your ranks.

Mix content: Text, videos, pictures, presentations etc.

If you have filled out any social media profiles, this will improve your rankings: Google is now implementing an improved comprehensiveness of social media via 200 various public profile pages.

Things not to do:

Avoid money keywords when you create links
Stuff keywords on internal or external links
No longer rip content from one page and republish it on your own. Instead, this duplicate page content will be removed by Google.

Google Plus, Search plus Your World and your business

This time I’m going to say I told you so.
for months we’ve been talking about the importance of Google plus and how the fact that is a passion based relationship creates more relevant conversations with your audience.

We told you to create your Google plus business page

We did an episode of our show on how to use Google Plus for business

We talked everywhere about the Google Plus hang out feature

and talked more on Google plus possibilities

and then we told you the content inside Google plus was getting indexed in the search engines.

Well, today your presence or lack of presence on Google Plus is impacting your findability- Yes, people that may be looking for something you offer might not find you or even worse find your competitors.

Google released Search plus Your World where results from Google Plus will show first.

Look what happens if I search for the word photography. This is a topic I discuss on Google Plus

Google Search Plus
Google Search Plus

Look on the right side and see suggestions from Google Plus

Now look when I do the same search when I’m not logged in. Google thinks I’m a new search

Google Plus
Google Plus

If you are not already seeing Google plus results in your searches go here: Google and upgrade.

Again, it is time to put hands to work and work on your Google Plus profile and create a Google plus business page. Fast.

Did I mentioned it is also extremely fun and a lot more relevant that Facebook if your business is around a topic that people have a irrational passion for? Like photography, crafts, nutrition, self-improvement etc? Try typing thing you are passionate about inside Google Plus.

If you are one of our social media agency clients, don’t worry, all is taken care for you.

Words to use in blogs and articles to help with SEO

Cool tip from Click News:

The following phrases will yield better results when using a keyword research tool like Wordtracker:

21. Learn ___
22. ___ tips e.g. Hair color tips
23. Fix ___
24. ___ list
25. List of ___
26. Numbers – this probably works best on keyword searched than social
media but wow, you find out a lot with a number. For example, “20
questions to get to know someone” is enjoying 923 searches according
to Wordtracker.
27. ___ checklist
28. ___ cheatsheet
29. Guide to ___
30. ___ ideas