Social media marketing is the new SEO

Yes, we know we should be using social media marketing to engage and create a relationship with prospects and buyers but we cannot miss the fact that we need to be in search engines when people are looking for products and services we offer.
When buyers know what they want they go to search engines and you need to be there or your business will suffer.
Instead of investing hundreds of pounds a month for SEO wizardry, companies now will be forced to focus on the real, honest and authentic content that Social Networking and Blogs allow.

There were several changes related on how to optimize a site and many of the things you were already doing to bring people to your site are probably hurting you right now. For example, links.

I’m not going to go through the changes but want to show you how now, social media marketing is not optional anymore for businesses:

From now on, search engines will contain more and more social media mentions. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus profiles will have a bigger impact in search engines rankings. Share only relevant information on your networks to get attention.

The search engines now show results recommended by people in social networks. You can see how it works by searching for something while you are logged in and logged out. You will see 2 different results.

Quality content with one way will be of more importance in the future.

Work on rich snippets. This are the two lines after a title. This is very important and it provides people with a snippet of what they will see when they click.

Online videos are indexed by search engines and should be used.

Becoming a guest blogger will improve your ranks.

Mix content: Text, videos, pictures, presentations etc.

If you have filled out any social media profiles, this will improve your rankings: Google is now implementing an improved comprehensiveness of social media via 200 various public profile pages.

Things not to do:

Avoid money keywords when you create links
Stuff keywords on internal or external links
No longer rip content from one page and republish it on your own. Instead, this duplicate page content will be removed by Google.

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