Taking a break from business and Viva Elvis in Vegas

Taking breaks is part of business. We all need to stop from time to time and rest, go for a walk, to the movies, anywhere we can clean our mind. It is part of success. We all should do it from time to time.
While we were in Vegas for the BlogWorld expo we went to see the show Viva Elvis. It was a great way to take a break after a whole day of attending workshops and getting a lot of information. We enjoyed the show. I was a little worried that the show would have a lot of Elvis impersonators. Quite contrary. Nice surprise to hear Elvis and enjoy some cool choreography. It was a perfect way to relax, sing and even try some moves. The show is great storytelling of Elvis life. Liked a lot the slide shows. The live music was great and the musicians very enthusiastic. The acrobatics were cool. If you are a fan of Elvis you are going to love this show. If you want to see a cool musical, this one is a must. Now, if you want to see Cirque du Soleil at its best, you might be a little disappointed. This one is about music, choreography, storytelling and entertainment.

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