The age of anxiety and your business

As a society we are stressed like never before.

We are stressed all the time.

You could say it is because we live in an unstable World, there are threats everywhere or we are just angry on how divided we are at the moment.

All part of the issue but we also need to take accountability and see that as a culture we chose to “Live Hard and Play Hard” to a point we cannot sustain this naturally anymore.

While this reality may stress us even more, it is on the other side promoting a new way of thinking and creating new businesses to help us manage this new phase.

The Centers for Disease Control predicts that by 2020, stress will be the most disabling condition Americans face, second to only heart disease.

We are all stressed but Millennials are known as being the most stressed out generation.

There is a bright side in the future of our anxiety!

I’ll show you some of new opportunities out there and maybe some will help you to innovate in your business.

Ahead of us is a spike in products to turbocharge the human body. Nootropics are an example design for this. They are a mixture of natural ingredients and lab-derived supplements. Also known as smart drugs which now have a following.

Scientists are also working on manufacturing new memories.

You have probably seen on TV about Rage Rooms. You pay a fee and throw things at the wall.

Many apps are showing in this segment like Headspace where you have meditation on the go with over 1 million downloads. Others like Mindsurf allows you to share feelings.

Saunas are bringing Infra red heat and custom soundtrack. These saunas are popping up in New York, LA and London, with the price ranging from $45-$55 for a half-hour bake.

Kava tea is known as the liquid Xanax. Drinking numbs your tonque and make you chill. They go from $13 to $25 a bowl.

Sensory deprivation has become a hyper-extreme alternative to meditation. So Pods are back to free you from distractions for 60 minutes.  Inside a small room or human-size clam called a pod, there is no sound and no light, just 1000 pounds of Epsom salt water and you. All for $99.

Spas with Cryotherapy Chamber are also popping up. I need to try this one because it is said they burn 800 plus calories in 180 seconds. Just $90 for a session.

Alternative options are a big trend too. Consumers are increasingly turning to gentler, more natural forms of healing.

Aromatheraphy and essential oils in general are in an all time high especially through multi-level marketing companies since they foster people to try the oil. There is even an e-cigarrete style device for personal aromatherapy called Monq.

Yoga, Reki, acupuncture are also seeing a revival.

Pay attention that solutions blending technology and natural components are the ones that tend to be more successful. Partly because Millennials are attracted to blended solutions.

Now it is time to think how your business could help people feel less stressed. From creating a new product to becoming a sleep meditation coach, there are many opportunities out there. Even bedtime stories for grown-ups’ – Sleep Stories – that aim to induce sleep by using a combination of “soothing words, music and sound-effects”.

When you need some support figuring out how to navigate this new World or create innovation, we are here. We have consult hundreds of businesses over the years and we are your pair of fresh eyes. Call us at 801-680-7220 or write to


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