The age of Entrepreneurs 3.0

Why entrepreneur 3.0?

Because this is the kind of business people we must become in the near future.

The world has changed a lot in the last few years, the consumer also changed and because of that, the way to do business is changing. It is changing really fast.

I can tell you that the way you do business today is very different from the way you’ll be doing business two years from now.

We only have two choices: Reinvent and adapt ourselves to this new market or succumb.

We must become an Entrepreneur 3.0, a person that understands the need to talk in a different way to their customers, needs to engage them and listen to them in a different way. More than that, needs to create systems that allow some processes in the company to be co-created, having other people outside the company become part of that.

The Entrepreneur 3.0 allows participation in many levels and is not so worried in protecting knowledge as much as perfecting products and services while allowing interaction.

We call this collaborative growth.

You know this change is already happening in big companies, well, some of them, but the Entrepreneur 3.0 is about you and me, not about big businesses or big budgets.

It starts with the fact that we need to reinvent ourselves, adapt to new business practices and tools.

It is not difficult, it is a process and a learning experience but the fact is, the sooner you start adopting this philosophy, the better your chances of soaring in the market place.

You can start by doing one thing:

When you think about marketing practices in your business, do not think: “Will I use traditional marketing or New Media marketing (internet)?”

Think: Marketing.

They are both merging anyway, and you need to use a great mix to be ahead of the game. Just as an example: it is not if you should use online video for your company, it is about when and how you’ll use it.

The second thing is to start participating. Participate in forums, social networks, mastermind groups (ours hopefully), blogs and get comfortable with this new mindset.

Soon you’ll see that sharing knowledge is a good thing and letting others help you when you are creating and innovating can lead you to paths you couldn’t see before.

If you think this is not possible, take a look at Wikipedia, WordPress, Linux system.

Don’t create excuses; there is no time for that, just do it. You can do it!

Visit: Entrepreneur 3.0

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