The death of Steve Jobs

Just heard the news about Steve Jobs death and I’m really sorry to see him go.
I’m not an Apple user (well, I have an ipod), but I greatly admire its founder as being an example of a true entrepreneur, master creator and brilliant marketer.

Few people understood consumer psychology like he did and how to incorporate mystery and create desire when promoting a product. More than most he also understood the power of a community and is an example to any one.

He was a true example of how we need to be as entrepreneurs and how crucial it is in business to innovate and be fast to put products in the market, even when they are not perfect, how important it is to create a community linked to a higher purpose around our business and have them advocate and fight for you.

We need more people like Steve Jobs and we need to pay more attention to cancer research. Make a donation today to a cancer research institution like

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