The power of birthday marketing campaigns

Birthday Marketing  and New Mover Marketing Campaigns

Remember your last birthday? Remember what made it special? That’s easy- it’s the fact that other people remembered, and recognized the occasion. Now your restaurant can employ this simple direct mail marketing strategy into a sophisticated campaign that will help you win new customers and forge that precious relationship with your customer!

A Proven Way to Create Huge Response Rates

Studies have conclusively shown that a direct mail marketing program tied to birthdays provides one of the highest response rates of any form of advertising. As a business owner, you already know that the biggest challenge you face is getting first time customers in the door and forging a relationship with them. Birthday marketing makes it easy and affordable to drive new business to you and keep them coming back. In fact, combined with your free offer, most of our customers enjoy add on sales that offset the entire cost of the campaign! We are frequently informed of double-digit redemption rates that exceed the expectations of nearly all of our birthday program customers.


Target New Movers with Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Each year about 16% of the population in the United States Moves, which creates a slew of potential new homeowners who could be your next customers? This group of people will need a lot of services and are going to be looking into new businesses and services for the new location that they have relocated to. They will also have their eyes and ears opened to trial offers that will allow them to save money while trying new business and services.

In the first 6 months of relocating, a new resident will spend more than any other consumer spends in 3 years. New residents are also more likely to become long term customers that existing residents. During the first year of their move, new movers will spend around 52% more on home furnishings and home décor. One in five new movers will create new relationships for their home phone, internet, cable and insurance.

To help your business become for successful, this could be the perfect audience for you to target with your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. By creating special offers that will entice the new residents to try your business, you may be giving your business the new clientele that it needs in order to become stronger and more successful.

New residents will be looking for restaurants, home security systems, and entertainment items that they can explore. They’ll also need a new dry cleaners, bakery, coffee house and the list goes on and on.

The sooner that you make contact with the new residents of your area, the sooner they will check into your products or services. When a new resident plants his roots in your area, he will be quickly developing new routines and it should be your goal to make your business or service a part of his everyday routine so that you have a customer for many years to come. It won’t take a new resident long to form his opinions about the local businesses that he and his family enjoy.

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