They are taking a lot longer

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Customers are taking a lot longer to buy today. They want to be sure they are making the right decision.
Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with them in a structured way.
It is your job to anticipate when, how and where they want to hear from you and once you decide how to get in touch with you, it is important to be consistent.
As you probably know, today they expect to be engaged in a dialogue and not to be pushed to buy.
Here are a few points you need to have in mind when trying to engage customers for a long term relationship.

1.In order to engage your customers you need to know your site visitors.
You can do this by tracking their behavior on your site and using polls and surveys.

2. You need to listen to them. With social media tools this is easy. You can use Twitter, Facebook to listen to your audience. It is very important to understand their motivation.
When you understand how they behave and their intentions you avoid making recommendation at the wrong moment.

3. You need to aligned your goals with your customer’s goals. This will help you target better products, recommendations and to make the right offers at the right time. This can have a huge impact in your business.

4. Customize your touchpoints. Create unique follow-up interactions that are tailored to their specific needs and with the unique relationship they have with your business. It is important to use a good database where you can have a history of interactions with your clients.

5. Rinse and repeat on a consistent basis.

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