Things I don’t like

Among the things I don’t like, one of them is automatic billing. I know, I know, it is easier, faster and you can save some pennies. But, for me it only brings headaches.

For example, some months ago I had a problem with Farmes Insurance. It lasted about 4 months where they would deduct from my account the wrong amount of money, then refund, then deducted and so on.

Until I had to move to another company.

This week was with Pre Paid Legal.

I had canceled my subscription 3 months ago, followed all the procedures, sent a stupid fax, since phone and e-mail was not enough for them, etc.

Guess what? Last Friday they deducted $75 from my account.

Contacted customer service, they said they would refund in the next 90DAYS.

Contacted again, they will refund some time between now and 10/20 and they said they can only count my “canceled account” from the last e-mail, since they cannot track if I canceld before.

HUh? You can’t track? What was that stupid fax for? Don’t you record the phone calls? Don’t track e-mails?


At the end of the day, they will have time to work with my money, make more money and too bad for me.

Guess I should call a lawyer? That would be interesting.

Remember the problem I had with Comcast and they would install the internet access in my office the next 60 days?

It’s been more than 90 and no word.

How long will companies be able to disrespect consumers and not be affected by it?

How long will consumers let that happen?

Print the best brochures you can, spend money on tv and magazines. Bad word-of-mouth will impact people more that advertising every single time. Period.

With the internet and the recommendation age, businesses will either learn how to do business properly or will sucumb.

Might not be today, but it will happen.

The consumer is not a fool and it can be your best marketer or your worst enemy.

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