The time for Online Videos

Like it or not customers are no longer walking into business to be educated by a salesman. They walk in ready to buy, knowing exactly what they want, and how much they are prepared to pay.

The decision has already been made online, before they meet you.

When they go online, and they look for video.

Video is today’s salesman.

A recent survey of 1,000 consumers global buying habits revealed

1 in 3 consumers watch video on a product page
41% of consumers share product videos socially.
60% Of the surveyed customers used a YouTube review video to make a purchase decision.
69% of consumers watch videos two or more times for “information-intensive products, before purchasing.” (for example anything to do with the marine industry)

Video is shared socially more than any other medium.

Videos are becoming a critical component of the digital purchase funnel

It’s an integral element of marketing that moves your consumers closer to that all-important buy.

The future of marketing today is being built around video.

Now, the stage is set it’s time for all business to begin creating real online value using video.

Consumers are naturally coming to expect video not as an add-on or a destination, but as an integral part of their online experience.

Understanding how your consumers interact with video And understanding why they consume video will allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Small Business Video Marketing Strategies: Steps To Ranking a YouTube Video

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