What is your brand personality?

If done right, your brand can actually change the way your customers feel about themselves.

Many of us use brands to send a signal to others about our personality. Just ask an Apple fan.

Your job is to turn your brand personality into what your customers aspire to be.

Think about brands that make you feel special or tell something about your personality. How would you feel carrying a blue box from Tiffany? Or a Victoria Secret bag? Do you feel more glamorous? What is that telling about you?

The products and services we use do affect the way we feel about ourselves. I for one, if someone drags me to a Wall Mart (that is the only way you will see me inside that store), they will see how fast my mood can change. I feel bad every time.

Now, when I hold my Nikon camera, I feel proud, a renegade and free. It affects my behavior too.

It is really important to know wants and needs of your customers and a lot about their values and fears so you can create a brand that resonates with their personality.

During the Super Bowl 2013 Audi put a commercial that illustrates well the points above.



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