Wrong Business Choreography

Business Choreography is how you conduct every touch point with customers and prospects. How you present products and services, how you distribute and how you sell them.

Today I want to show you how it can go wrong when you make a decision without looking at all the different angles.

We are going to see what happened with the comics industries.

Do you remember the last time you read a comic book? I used to be a big comic reader when I was a kid but it has been several years since I bought one.

They are not around anymore unless you go to a comic book store.

You may think that the reason you don’t see comic books anymore is due to technology. But this is not the main reason.

Some years ago publishers were not happy with the fact that they would have to refund returns from paper stands and decided to bring the concept of comic book stores. Sales would be final, products would all be related to comics and so, they thought this would be the perfect move.

They didn’t consider one thing. That the people that ran those stores where usually avid comic readers, male and as some people say smelling like male teenagers do or even worse, they would be the type of “know it all” that talk way too much. (I got one of these some months ago when I tried to by a professional photo camera. They are really annoying).

With these profiles, these stores attracted only men. The women would feel either intimidated or disgusted and they would not come back. Without the women coming, neither came the kids.

To this day, the comic book industry fights to stay alive. This was a big business choreography mistake.

Well, I thought, maybe this is just an over statement. Maybe there was no other choice. Here in Salt Lake for example, there are no paper stands, so it makes sense to have these types of stores. Yesterday I decided to visit one.
I went in and went around the store about 3 times in a total of 15 minutes. I touched books, games and a lot of toys, which I tend to collect.

There were only men inside and the place really had an odd smell. The only guy working there had some fellows around him and was telling jokes about how he made money with game cards. I went by passing in front of him 3 times.

He never even looked at me. I felt like super invisible woman. I did want to buy a comic book. I read about one called Supernatural Law and I wanted a copy. I also saw some paint to color toys which I do and those paints I was not familiar with, so I could use some help. I even stopped once in front of the guy like if wanted to ask a question.Forgot I was super invisible and the guy obviously couldn’t see me, so I left.
Went to spend my super money somewhere else.

Left feeling the place was weird and with no intentions of coming back.

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