You Must Become the Best in Your Industry

Yes, it’s a must. In my opinion being the best in your industry does not simply mean having the best product or service, it’s a combination of traits and patterns that are inherent in you and your business.

I’m reading that book by Guy Kawasaki called ” Rules For Revolutionaries” (really good by the way!) and at one point he says something to the gist of if you have the best product in the world that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect if other things like customer service and the likes come in second place. Like he said, if that were true Bill Gates would be serving coffee at Starbucks today!

Sure you need to have a good product or service, but acknowledging that it’s good and knowing all about it is just not enough. You want to become the expert in your field and this will bring you customers. How do you do it? Know as much as possible about your topic, which means constantly educating yourself on the latest information in your industry. You also want to provide stellar customer service. This means going the extra mile to make sure your customers are satisfied with the purchases they make. Build value into your products or services and strive for constant improvement. Word travels fast on the internet, and you want others to say positive things about your business.

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