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Internet Marketing and Boomers

We’ve been giving quite a few talks in several organizations these days.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot is that after we finish and people come talk to us, there is always a common factor:

They have their eyes wide open on the possibilities that a little online marketing could do for their business, and they are excited about that, but they quite often come with a line like this:

This is all so great but I’m from an older generation, I’m not too much into computers, if only…

My feeling is that because traditional media talks a lot about MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, YouTube, many times just showing very young people doing something funny, boomers feel they don’t belong there.

I always tell them, this is not true, that boomers are heavily online and doing good business. Actually, people up to 65 are heavily online. Most of them are not putting Mentos in Coke bottles. They are promoting their business, connecting, creating relationships with prospects and clients.

The tools online today are easy to use and people just need to be educated to use them.

People need to be educated on how to consume podcasts, use online video for business, participate in wikis.

That is up to us, info marketers and heavy users. We just need to show them that it is actually pretty simple today.

Marketing is not what you think

This is a video showing why marketing is not what you think.

E-Bay Renegade

We have another seminar coming and this one will have Andrew Lock talking about some renegade strategies that you can use on E-bay to generate more business.

Lines are limited, so register now to E-bay Renegade teleseminar

Wikis and Training

Another Buz and Biz show with a special focus on Wikis and how to use them for training.

Buzz and Biz Show now

Meet the Expert: Julie Morrison

On this call Julie Morrison talks about how to build your net worth and how to create cash machines.

Listen to the Buzz and Biz Show now

Things I don’t like

Among the things I don’t like, one of them is automatic billing. I know, I know, it is easier, faster and you can save some pennies. But, for me it only brings headaches.

For example, some months ago I had a problem with Farmes Insurance. It lasted about 4 months where they would deduct from my account the wrong amount of money, then refund, then deducted and so on.

Until I had to move to another company.

This week was with Pre Paid Legal.

I had canceled my subscription 3 months ago, followed all the procedures, sent a stupid fax, since phone and e-mail was not enough for them, etc.

Guess what? Last Friday they deducted $75 from my account.

Contacted customer service, they said they would refund in the next 90DAYS.

Contacted again, they will refund some time between now and 10/20 and they said they can only count my “canceled account” from the last e-mail, since they cannot track if I canceld before.

HUh? You can’t track? What was that stupid fax for? Don’t you record the phone calls? Don’t track e-mails?


At the end of the day, they will have time to work with my money, make more money and too bad for me.

Guess I should call a lawyer? That would be interesting.

Remember the problem I had with Comcast and they would install the internet access in my office the next 60 days?

It’s been more than 90 and no word.

How long will companies be able to disrespect consumers and not be affected by it?

How long will consumers let that happen?

Print the best brochures you can, spend money on tv and magazines. Bad word-of-mouth will impact people more that advertising every single time. Period.

With the internet and the recommendation age, businesses will either learn how to do business properly or will sucumb.

Might not be today, but it will happen.

The consumer is not a fool and it can be your best marketer or your worst enemy.

From one point to the other

I feel I live my live going from one point to the other, nonstop.

We came back from a presentation in Logan, we had a great time speaking to the women in business there.

Tomorrow we’ll be at the ” Healthy Wealthy Wow” radio show and next Friday we’ll be one of the highlights at the First Friday meeting.

We are also getting ready for our Meet the Expert call with Julie Morrison next Wednesday.

The week after we’ll be at the ASTD expo (don’t miss this one!), talking about blogs for business and training

Then off we go to California.

It is fun, but sometimes it is just complicated to find time to sit and write.

So, why don’t you stop by at some of these events, maybe in all of them, so we can chat a little?

College students online

They are coming back this fall. They will spend $47 billion.

Are you targeting this audience