10 ways to bring traffic to your website

by shahar

If you have a website, and I hope you do, you need traffic to be able to convert leads or sales. The traffic you bring to your site needs to targeted. You don’t need a lot of visitors, but you need visitors that buy. Here are a few ways you can get more traffic.

1. If you use Facebook, use the notes aplication to pull your blog feedto your profile or fan page.

2. When writting anything on your site, don’t forget to insert a keyword that could bring a targeted buyer. The title is usually the best place to do this.

3. Use videos on all video sharing sites. Don’t forget to include a link to your site and a compelling offer.

4. Google profile. You need a Google profile with links to your site and blog.

5. Include a link in your signature in your e-mail

6. Have a form on your site or blog where people can subscribe for your tips and come back often.

7. The more focused the topic of your blog or site, more likely to bring the right kind of people.

8. Add a ReTweet button on your blog. Get one at Tweetmeme.

9. when you have a very good article or blog post, submit to places like Digg and StumbleUpon.

10. Constantly update your blog or website. Treat it like a living being and remember, if you don’t feed, it will die.

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