Benefits of direct response marketing

by shahar

According to Wikipedia: Direct-response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly. This is in contrast to direct marketing in which the marketer contacts the potential customer directly.

In direct marketing (such as telemarketing), there is no intermediary broadcast media involved. In direct-response marketing, marketers use broadcast media to get customers to contact them directly.

It is direct-response marketing because the communications from the customer to the marketer are direct, this differentiates it from simple direct marketing in which the communications from the marketer to the customer are direct, but do not allow for instant feedback.

Like direct marketing, direct-response marketing seeks to elicit action. It is inherently accountable since results can be tracked and measured. Furthermore, direct-response campaigns perform best if the underlying strategies and tactics are highly competitive.

Direct-response advertising is characterized by four primary elements:

• An offer • Sufficient information for the consumer to make a decision whether to act

• An explicit “call to action”

• Means of response (typically multiple options such as a toll free number, web page, and email) Improving the appeal and uniqueness of an offer is a first step for improving response. An offer must be targeted such that its appeal is relevant to the wants or needs of the audience, so the choice of media or list carries similar importance as the perceived value of the offer.

There are many other best practices and techniques used to achieve results such as the use of urgency, clear and compelling copy, and graphics and design which reinforce the message.

Direct response marketing campaigns tend to have higher conversions when targeted to a specific audience. Some direct response pieces can yield 40% conversion. Many think that direct response marketing campaigns are expensive but this is not true.

Knowing how to track these campaigns will bring high returns and low investment. Get to know more about direct response marketing campaigns at New Clients

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