3 Surefire ways to get more customers, more leads and therefore, a lot more money.

Whenever you see yourself in a moment when you need to make more money in your business, generate more leads and get more customers, you need to know you have 3 basic options:

1. Sell something different
2. Sell to someone different
3. Sell differently.

The one thing you absolutely cannot do: Keep on as-is.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just close our eyes, take a deep breath and wait for bad times to go away? And then, open our eyes and see everything back to normal?

Yes, it would, but in real life, this will not happen and you will have to change the way you do things in order to get different results.
Not only that, you might have to set up the alarm clock, get out of bed earlier and go do more of the things that are working for you now.

Not to discourage you, but allow me to tell you how things really work today.
We are all living in a new economy. The people willing to do what it takes will succeed and thrive in this new economy. Willingness to change and implement new strategies are a must. It is not difficult or hard. Just need to take action.

Now, back to the 3 surefire ways to get more customers, more leads and therefore, a lot more money that I just mentioned above; think for a moment how you could apply them into your business.

Here are a few questions/tips for you:

1. Can you incorporate a new product or service to your business?
2. Could you make some changes to an existing product or service and launch as a new one?
3. Could you add a continuity program to your existing business?
4. Can you find another channel to sell your services?
5. Could you sell them online?
6. Could you incorporate new follow-up systems in order to sell different services to your existing list of customers? (this is always cheaper than go out looking for new clients)
7. Can you learn how to generate new leads online using inexpensive social media tactics?
8. Could you sell using Teleseminars? (you’d be selling to different people and in a different way)
9. Can you create automated lead generation and follow-up strategies? (using auto-responders, free reports etc?)
10. Can you use tools like Twitter and Facebook to generate a flow of new prospects and traffic to your website?

Let me answer that for you: Yes, you can! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, B2C, B2B, with low budget, almost no budget etc.
Anyone can sell something different and/or sell to someone different and/or sell differently.
You might have to sharpen your saw, learn some new skills, but this is an easy problem to solve.
What really matters is that once you acquire the new skills you need you take action fast and implement.
Most people do not implement or just freeze and do nothing. That is the main reason why only 5% of the population ever gets rich. They are the ones that take action and implement.

People like to say they don’t do it because there is no budget, no extra money or no time. These are not the real issues.
Today, we have the internet with social media. Social media is not free, there is the time you need to commit, and it doesn’t work overnight, it is a process; but the return on your investment is huge.
By social media I mean tools like Twitter, Facebook, online videos etc.
Anyone can learn how to do it and can do it with almost no investment.

Did you know that Facebook alone has over 400 million active users (people that login at least once a week)? Do you know you could be selling to those people? Generating traffic to your store, office or website?
Did you know that 6,000 new accounts are created on Twitter every day? And you could be selling there?

Let me give you some examples of what I’ve stated above:

Sell to different people in different ways, through different channels

A pastry chef called Morita works for a restaurant in Hawaii. With the recession, attendance in the restaurant went down and he feared he would loose his job.
He started taking pictures and posting on Flickr and then announcing on Twitter what would be the desert of the day.
People started showing up, different people from a different channel. Hint, hint.
Today, the restaurant is selling way more than before the recession.

Hawaii is too far and your business could not do the same?

Ok, here is another example close to your home.

Some months ago, Pizza Hut started selling pasta (sell something different).
You probably saw the commercials. They used the fact that Americans tend to eat pasta at least once a week and that with the recession tend to stay and eat at home more. They saw an opportunity to steal sales from casual restaurants like Olive Garden (sell to someone different), and gain and edge over other pizza delivery chains.
They sold 2 million boxes of past just on the first month and plan to produce $500 million in revenue from this source on the first year.

I know, you are not in the pizza business. But your business is not different from these examples, you might like to think they are, so it would give you an excuse not to try something different, but at the end of the day, you could sell something different, to someone different that came from a different channel.

It is not about money, time or resources. It can be done.

The only thing you might need to get this accomplished is some new skills.
Maybe understand and learn how to use the Internet and social media the right way.
Maybe understand how to apply effective follow-up, generate leads, how to incorporate continuity programs to your business etc.

But not even that is a problem. Let’s cover the possible obstacles for you to invest in acquiring new skills to apply in your business:

Where to find training specific to your needs, to the point, with easy steps to implement, no fluff and proven to deliver results?

That is a very easy one! Buzzbooster Marketing just launched a whole series of multi-media training covering business issues that other places don’t.

You’d like to master Social media and use in your business, but every expert you met is broken and all they know is how to get a bunch of virtual friends.

I feel your pain! Most people think because they know how to do a profile on Facebook, they understand how businesses could profit with this.
The BuzzBoosters have a track history online, have several small online businesses and invest a lot in their own skills. They rub shoulders with some of the biggest online marketers and know what is working online.

Money is short.
Not a problem! During the launch phase, all training programs have a specials that are very affordable. They all have flex payments options too!
Not enough? Ok, I’ll give you a coupon code that you can get a 15% investment reduction. This coupon has a limited time offer, so don’t leave to the last minute.
Use the coupon code: Imsmart on check-out at www.training.buzzbooster.com

I need to know everything, so I won’t have to go look for training somewhere else.
Our trainings are based in 6 easy steps. One step per week is covered in depth. Clear action steps and organized.
For 6 weeks, you will learn all that you can apply in your business for that topic.

So are we! That is why we cover all bases. The training programs have easy to watch instruction videos and how-to videos, audio, and text. You can learn using what you feel comfortable with. All material is available for download, so you can use when you feel you can focus more.

I’ve no time.
Time is our most valuable commodity. There is never enough of. That is why these trainings are so effective and different.
They last 6 weeks, but you will have access for a lot longer. Don’t forget that you can also download everything, and use when you have time.
You don’t have to attend classes in one specific time. You consume the training when you can, where you want. Just need to have internet access and a computer.

I need support!
You have it. We’ll support you all the way. After all, that is our mission “to empower entrepreneurs and business owners”. We want you to succeed. We want you to see us as partners.

I need to feel safe!
You are safe with us. We have the BuzzBooster ironclad guarantee. If you don’t like, you get your money back.

The only thing you need to do is take action!
Choose the training program that you want now! You’ll have instant access and will be able to apply what you learn right away.
Then, take action and implement right away, so you see more customers coming, more sales happening, more money flowing into your pocket.

Remember: www.Training.buzzbooster.com
You have flex payment options.
Use coupon code: Imsmart for 15% off.
Offer is limited; prices will go up in mid-summer.
Bonus: When you join one training program, I’ll send you a FREE CD of your choice and one issue of the Engage Magazine in the mail.

Questions: 801-8429765 or buzz@buzzbooster.com

Here are a few of the training programs available:

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